Healthcare Data Analyst (10033)

Healthcare data analysts oversee hospital data management and analytics. They are responsible for compiling and organizing healthcare data, analyzing data to assist in delivering optimal healthcare management, and communicating their findings with management. As big data and the science of informatics continue to drive performance improvement efforts throughout the health care system, the role of […]

Accounting Business Analyst (10032)

Accounting analysts, often referred to simply as accountants, perform a wide array of administrative tasks that allow businesses to keep track of expenses and forecast future performance. Their primary duties involve preparing and examining financial reports, with an eye on accuracy and compliance. These reports include income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and capital […]

IT Business Analyst (65570)

The IT business analyst helps to translate business needs into technical requirements. They serve as a point of contact and bridge between the customer and the technical team applying their knowledge of the optimal solution to business problems to help clients select the best solution out of the set of proposed solutions. IT Business Analysts […]

Data Engineer (15983)

Data engineers prepare and transform data using pipelines. This involves extracting data from various data source systems, transforming it into the staging area, and loading it into a data warehouse system. Data engineers employ various tools and techniques to construct frameworks that prepare information for use by data scientists. Python, Java, R, and C++ are […]

SQL Developer (67709)

SQL is generally considered the standard language for relational database management systems and is used to perform tasks such as updating or retrieving data from a database. SQL developers develop SQL databases and write the applications that interface with them. They often design tables, store procedures, views, and functions. The development process usually consists of […]

Data Analyst (82500)

A data analyst is someone whose goal is to extract value from data by uncovering useful information and enabling data-driven business decision-making. Often the link between business stakeholders and data, a data analyst is expected to have great analytical and communication skills. A data analyst uses statistical analysis and logical reasoning to convert raw data […]

Financial Analyst (15580)

A Financial Analyst is responsible for the financial planning and analysis of a company, allowing the organisation to make well-informed commercial decisions. At the heart of a Finance Analyst job description should be the ability to determine the best use of resources to achieve business objectives. They will be expected to produce regular reports using […]

Manual Tester (98008)

Manual tester provides expertise in the planning, constructing and execution of release tests and is responsible for applying business and functional knowledge to meet the team’s overall test objectives. Manual Testers carry out manual tests to ensure the software created meets the requirements. This involves the analysis of software to prevent issues and fixing bugs […]

Data Analyst (82400)

Data analysts gather and scrutinize data using specialist tools to generate information that helps others make decisions. They respond to questions about data and look for trends, patterns and anomalies within it. Using techniques from a range of disciplines, including computer programming, mathematics, and statistics, data analysts draw conclusions from data to describe, predict, and […]

Industrial Engineer (82300)

An Industrial Engineer designs and develops production layouts for a company’s warehouse to increase productivity and quality standards. Their main duties include reviewing current production schedules and processes to find potential improvements, designing the layouts of the facilities and estimating production costs. Industrial engineers design production layouts and processes with the purpose of increasing productivity, […]