Marketing Business Analyst (70707)

A marketing business analyst is responsible for strategist marketing techniques and promotional content to create brand awareness on different media platforms. They evaluate the current industry trends to identify business opportunities that would generate revenue resources and pave the way for more business partnerships. They also conduct data and statistical analysis of sales reports, adjusting […]

Clinical Research Coordinator (80808)

As a clinical research coordinator, Proficient in coordinating all phases of clinical trials, including protocol review, regulatory compliance, and site management.Also Proficient in data collection, entry, and management. Ensure accuracy and completeness of study data while adhering to SOP .

Clinical Research Associate (90909)

As a clinical research associates (CRAs) you are responsible for completing clinical research and administrative tasks for their clients. They are in charge of facilitating documentation for clinical research as well. As a CRAs monitor clinical tasks for correct functioning and completion, evaluate clinical data, and create reports based on findings.

Industrial Engineer (943320)

An Industrial Engineer is responsible for designing production layouts and processes that increase productivity, eliminate wastefulness and reduce costs while maintaining quality standards .They will design, develop and maintain manufacturing routes to maximise effectiveness, efficiency and space.

Automation Engineer (43521)

An Automation Engineer, improves the efficiency of manufacturing and computing processes by automating some parts of the system. You will be responsible for designing and implementing automated testing solutions to improve the quality of  products.

Junior Data Analyst (87775)

As a Data Analyst ,you will play a pivotal part in collecting, analysing, and interpreting data to provide actionable insights, contributing directly to our clients growth and success. Your duties include conducting full life cycle analysis to include requirements, activities and design. Data analysts will develop analysis and reporting capabilities.     

Junior Business Analyst (256789)

As a Business Analyst, you have to analyses clients and their business data to identify areas for improvement and enhance efficiency. Your duties include identifying client’s technical needs, planning enterprise architecture and strategizing ideas to improve a business’s decision-making

Full Stack Java Developer – Your Career in Software Development (39701)

The Full Stack Java Developer is responsible for participating in all phases of the development and maintenance life cycle, typically for an assigned business unit, client program, or corporate department and utilizing various customer technology platforms. The candidate will be completely responsible for core Java/Java EE middleware application development, right from conceptualization, the overall design to testing. […]

SAP Consultant – Business Excellence with SAP Solutions ( 39201 )

Taskimpetus Inc is seeking a results-driven SAP consultant to lead our business’s SAP system integration. You will be consulting with senior management to determine our business needs, evaluating the performance of our IT infrastructure, and developing and deploying SAP solutions. SAP consultants develop and implement SAP systems for business clients. They determine clients’ business needs, […]

Biotechnologist – Pioneering the Future of Biomedical Careers ( 35215 )

Biotechnologists use biological organisms and processes in industrial and other practical settings. Their work has an impact on many aspects of daily life. For example, medical biotechnologist will research and produce new pharmaceutical drugs and medical treatments. As a biotechnologist you’ll study the chemical, genetic and physical attributes of cells, tissues and organisms in order […]