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satyajit Paul


Task Impetus is an exceptional recruiting agency

Task Impetus is an exceptional recruiting agency! Their SWOT analysis and strategic partnership approach truly set them apart. They understood my goals and connected me with the perfect company that aligned with my skills. Their dedication and expertise in maximizing results are commendable.

Gargi Chakraborty


Task Impetus Inc. delivered exceptional HR solutions

Task Impetus Inc. delivered exceptional HR solutions, streamlining processes and fostering a positive work environment. It’s the best choice in my opinion and I have worked with a lot of different HR firms.

Seezan P


They helped me to file my H1b

I have been working with the Task Impetus team for quite a long time.
They helped me to file my H1b and surprisingly my status has changed now.
I’m very much thankful to the entire team..!

shafiq sahar


Excellent training programs

Excellent training programs in different area,Taskimpetus help you to succeed within the company / industry. you will get great support from the marketing team from the beginning to tell the end of the process. Overall a great employer I would definitely recommend to all those who want to kick off their career.


Meeta Bhawar


highly recommend them

I had a great experience with Task Impetus Inc at every step. The training was very easy to understand and helped me develop required skills. I also received great help with resume preparation and mock interviews. I was so impressed with their assistance with the job placement. I would highly recommend them. All the best to the Task Impetus Inc.

Ramakant Saini


Taskimpetus Inc for Top-Notch Job Consultancy

I can’t thank Taskimpetus Inc enough for their outstanding Job Consultancy Service! I was struggling with my job search, but their team of experts turned things around. Their personalized guidance and support helped me land a job that aligns perfectly with my goals. I highly endorse Taskimpetus Inc for top-notch job consultancy!

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