SDET/Automation Tester – Quality Careers in Test Automation (39204)

Task Impetus Inc has been meeting customers wherever they are in the digital life cycle and helping them outperform their competition through speed and innovation. The Decision Management team is looking for a Software Development Engineer or Automation Tester in Test to execute on our regression test strategy forward by consistently innovating and problem-solving. The […]

Data Scientist – Navigating The Data-Driven Career Landscape (47280)

As a Data Scientist on the Data, Analytics, Insights, and Business Operations team, you will work cross-functionally with data engineers, data scientists, business experts, and external vendors to help Starbucks make decisions better by using data and analytics. You will use your experience with forecasting, automating ETL processes, and designing and building analytical models using […]

Marketing Business Analyst: Data-driven Growth Specialist (37502)

A marketing Business Analyst analyses sales funnels and customer intent. They measure the performance of online and offline campaigns. They also report on marketing KPIs like leads, conversion rates, website traffic, and social media engagement. Marketing Business Analysts develop marketing plans for companies by gathering data and analyzing market trends. Essential job duties include creating […]

Mechanical Engineer Career Development Specialist (34250)

As one of us, you will contribute to Mechanical Engineering excellence for the high-tech markets of the future, including semiconductors, batteries, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and data centers. This role will provide diverse modeling expertise and techniques in a variety of areas including physical properties, unit operations, scale-up, numerical/Multiphysics simulation, and resource/operational logistics optimization. We are looking […]