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Get any job you want with 7 career development tips from Taskimpetus

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If you think that your current job is not the best fit for you, and you want to start your career in a new industry, then you are not alone. 

I have been struggling to find an appropriate position for over 2 years, as I have a bachelor’s degree in botany. But lately, I got a job as a Quality Control Associate through an Employment Company known as Taskimpetus.

There can be many reasons, but the most important thing for you to do before entering a new industry is to prepare yourself for it.

Here I will share with you 7 career development tips that I learned from Taskimpetus. These tips can help you get any job you want.

1. Identify your skills

Recognizing your existing skills is essential to you. Make sure to list all the skills and experiences you had in your past, whether soft skills, technical skills, or other industrial skills and experiences. Then identify skills that can be helpful for your future industry. 

Based on the list you just created, you can decide on what career path you want to take in the future, as these are your core skills. Here you may also find skill areas where you need to improve – Taskimpetus will help you to achieve this through volunteering, live training, hands-on project experiences, etc.

2. Find out transferable skills

Once you’re done finding out your core skills. Try to find out some other skills which you think can be transferred in favor of the new industry.

For example, if you were working in a restaurant, then you may have excellent customer handling ability. This can be a valuable skill for client perspective thinking, which you can use as an additional benefit at your new job.

3. Research for the industry

As you already know about your skills now you may start your research about the new industry, company, and job roles you can target. 

After joining Taskimpetus I learned that it is important to have accurate knowledge of how different companies operate in the industry. So, you can prepare yourself for it.

4. Consider learning new skills

It’s always good to have a core skill-set based on your job role. The easiest would be enrolling in some short-term training or online courses. But if you want to have a better idea of the industry-specific skill-set, Taskimpetus’s corporate training will give you industrial exposure.

5. Update your Resume

Presenting the correct information in your resume is equally important. Because that’s where the interviewer will know what you are capable of. So go ahead and prepare your resume as per the targeted job roles and industries you are applying for.

6. Use your existing network

While looking for a job in a new industry, take advantage of your existing network. You may want to apply to your present company but for a different industry, especially if you don’t have any connections in the new industry.

Utilizing your existing network is the best option for you. But if you need help, look for a good employment agency. In my case, Taskimpetus, Inc. had a huge network base throughout the US, and I have attended over 5 interviews every week for 2 months. So, from good employers, you can expect multiple opportunities from small companies to big tycoons as per your profile and availability.

7. Preparing for the interview

Now that you are ready with your newly updated resume, it is time to prepare yourself for it before going for an interview. Don’t let your interviewer look down on your ability because of your background. Instead, prepare some questions to ask about the company and position that show you’re interested.

If you still lack confidence, don’t worry you’re not alone, it happens to everyone. Just make sure to choose the right employer and give it your best shot, and don’t be afraid to try again.

I have attended over 50 interviews online and offline, but it didn’t work out. So, I decided to look for consulting firms and finally joined Taskimpetus Inc. which is based in New Orleans, and finally got the job after 2 and half years of unemployment. 

Bonus tip: Make sure to plan ahead of time and move with confidence 👍.

Author: Anna Rob | Fulltime Product Marketing Strategist

Taskimpetus Inc. | 504-420-7800 | [email protected]

To learn more about how to prepare yourself for an interview, stay tuned.