Junior Data Analyst – 20146


A Junior Data Analyst is an entry-level position and will involve seeking and collecting relevant data, as well as documenting the information be processed. Job duties include gathering data, interpreting the statistics, writing reports, and designing charts and graphs.
Needed strong mathematical skills, databases, SQL, Python, and Excel, and excellent critical thinking, communication, and data visualization skills.

Junior Data Analyst Responsibilities

As a Junior Data Analyst at Task Impetus Inc., you will be crucial in analyzing and interpreting data to provide valuable insights for decision-making processes. Your responsibilities will include collecting, cleaning, and organizing data from various sources, ensuring its accuracy and reliability. You will also be tasked with creating visualizations and reports to communicate findings effectively to stakeholders. With a keen eye for detail, you will excel in spotting trends and patterns in data, enabling informed business decisions. Additionally, your role will involve conducting statistical analysis to derive meaningful conclusions from the data gathered. By meticulously Statistics Interpretation in Reports, you will drive the company’s success and optimize operational processes.

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