Electrical Engineer (15560)


The Electrical Engineer researches, plans, designs, develops, analyzes, and tests a variety of electronic equipment and systems, including displays, sensors, processors, interface units, and other electronic devices; circuitry components; analog and digital computers; and control and test equipment to develop or improve products and facilitate Production/Manufacturing Operations. The Electrical Engineer will oversee the application of engineering principles while performing product design and layout functions along with other related engineering services. This will include using design concepts and methods to design new, standard, or modified components and products. They may work independently or under the direction of the Engineering Director, a senior engineer, or another team member in a multi-functional design or development team.


  • Preparing estimates and proposals for projects.
  • Applying technical standards and procedures to carry out tasks.
  • Ensuring all techniques, procedures, and designs meet appropriate compliance standards.
  • Troubleshooting and solving any electrical system errors.
  • Providing input over the design and development of equipment designs as they progress through the structural design process.
  • Managing and overseeing the work of Junior Electrical Engineers.
  • Supporting the manufacturing of components and resolving any manufacturing queries.
  • Installing and configuring electrical equipment as per customer requirements.
  • Carrying out quality control procedures of the equipment.
  • Ensuring that the electrical products according to the criteria.
  • Complying with electrical codes and standards.
  • Improving the functioning of old electrical products if needed.


Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or a related engineering discipline is required. Proven work experience as an Electrical Engineer or a similar role in the Engineering field.


Taskimpetus Inc.


Electrical Industry


  • Increment would be at least a minimum of 15% every six months.
  • Relocation charges will be provided to you during your project
  • Medicinal, Dental and Vision benefits following 60 days of business.
  • Medical coverage qualified following 60 days of business.
  • Present moment and long-haul handicap following 60 days of work.
  • 401k retirement benefits plan qualified following half a year of work.

Only for international candidates on OPT/CPT:

  • Employer’s Confirmation Letter/CPT Letter/Offer Letter will be provided, which you need to submit to your university within 90 days of the start of your OPT.
  • OPT Extension Letter will be provided to those candidates who are qualified for STEM extension.
  • H1B Sponsorship will be provided to OPT and CPT candidates only once they join our client’s project.

Other Benefits:

  • Pre-job Training with Experienced Trainers.
  • Assignments & Case Studies provided during training.
  • Mock sessions before interviews
  • Multiple interview rounds with different clients.
  • Visa Sponsorship
  • Training completing certificates
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