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Data analysts are in high demand across all sectors, such as finance, consulting, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, government and education.

The ability to pay attention to detail, communicate well and be highly organised are essential skills for data analysts. They not only need to understand the data, but be able to provide insight and analysis through clear visual, written and verbal communication.
1.Ability to break down and understand complex business problems, define a solution and implement it using advanced quantitative methods.

2.Proficiency in programming for data analysis; ideally Python (or R) SQL. Knowledge of Pandas is essential.

3.Proficiency in building machine learning models using Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, Keras, other open source libraries.

4.Knowledge of data visualization tools and libraries in Python/R (Shiny preferably) Or Tableau.

5.Familiarity with software version control with git.

6.Solid oral and written communication skills, especially around analytical concepts and methods.

7.Strong work ethic and intellectual curiosity.

8.Knowledge of Cloud technologies such as AWS or Google

9.Knowledge of any relational database such as My SQL.

10.Must be a team player with excellent communication and problem-solving skills and have experience working across varying business and technical functional units
Masters in Information Systems-
Business Intelligence and Analytics, Python, System Analysis and Design, Cloud Computing, Visual Analytics

Increment would be at least a minimum of 15% every six months.
Relocation charges will be provided to you during your project
Medicinal, Dental and Vision benefits following 60 days of business.
Medical coverage qualified following 60 days of business.
Present moment and long haul handicap following 60 days of work.
401k retirement benefits plan qualified following half a year of work.

Only for international candidates on OPT/CPT:

Employer’s Confirmation Letter/CPT Letter/Offer Letter will be provided, which you need to submit to your university within 90 days of the start of your OPT.
OPT Extension Letter will be provided to those candidates who are qualified for STEM extension.
H1B Sponsorship will be provided to OPT and CPT candidates only once they join our client’s project.

Other Benefits:

Pre job Training with Experienced Trainers.
Assignments & Case Studies provided during training.
Mock sessions before interviews
Multiple interview rounds with different clients.
Visa Sponsorship
Training completing certificates

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