Electrical Engineer (15560)

The Electrical Engineer researches, plans, designs, develops, analyzes, and tests a variety of electronic equipment and systems, including displays, sensors, processors, interface units, and other electronic devices; circuitry components; analog and digital computers; and control and test equipment to develop or improve products and facilitate Production/Manufacturing Operations. The Electrical Engineer will oversee the application of engineering principles while performing […]

Financial Analyst (15570)

Financial analysts play a critical role in an organization’s daily operations. At a high level, they research and utilize financial data to understand the business and market to see how an organization stacks up. Based on general economic conditions and internal data, they recommend actions for the company to take, like selling stock or making […]

Data Engineer (15982)

Data engineers implement methods to improve data reliability and quality. They combine raw information from different sources to create consistent and machine-readable formats. They also develop and test architectures that enable data extraction and transformation for predictive or prescriptive modeling. Data engineers are mainly tasked with transforming data into a format that can be easily […]

Sr. Clinical Research Associate (03430)

A senior clinical research associate is responsible for the management of all clinical activities involved in clinical studies and trials. They handle the day-to-day operations of the clinical investigative phase of drug development. They supervise a team of clinical research associates in conducting research studies and the ultimate design and implementation of clinical trials. They […]

Healthcare Analyst (02220)

A healthcare analyst is in charge of evaluating medical data to improve the business part of hospitals and medical facilities. The Healthcare Analyst leads and performs complex analyses integrating data from multiple entities and environments throughout the health plan into a combined and coherent analytic product. Develops, designs, and implements analytic and reporting initiatives, working collaboratively with […]

Clinical Research Associate (02320)

A Clinical Research Associate is responsible for organizing and overseeing clinical studies or trials to contribute to advances in the medical community. Their duties include contacting individuals to participate in trials, reviewing medical histories of each participant before approval and writing reports to determine the overall success of a new drug, procedure or medical device. […]

Entry Level Quality Analyst (99001)

Quality analyst searches for application issues and process defects that may have contributed to these issues. The QA collaborates with a development team to resolve those problems, ensuring a program is debugged before going live. A quality analyst plans and executes tests on software and other IT solutions to make sure they work as required. […]

Entry Level Java Developer (98002)

A Java Developer is a computer programmer and developer who specializes in the Java coding language. Their main duties include designing java applications and programs, testing Java software and applying fixes to any technical issues to various Java programs. Java is a high-level programming language used for back-end coding of web and software development projects […]

Statistical Analyst (17009)

A statistical analyst is a business professional who organizes and analyzes a company’s data and then reports on it so that staff members can understand its content. A statistical analyst isolates trends while gathering and studying data, such as website visitor information, purchased datasets and surveys. Companies usually employ these professionals to apply mathematics principles, […]

Data Analyst (18007)

Data analysis is the process of gathering, analyzing, inspecting, and transforming data into meaningful content with the intention of deriving conclusions and helping with decision making. The role of a data analyst is conducting data analysis- gathering, analyzing, modelling, and transforming the data into a structure that can be comprehended by the people who wish […]